I am a cinematographer/lighting cameraman based in London. I specialise in naturalistic modern camera work, with a focus on high quality documentary and story led branded content.

Previously I worked in house for ZigCam Film & Television, where I trained for many years as a respected camera assistant. The on-set discipline I learnt continues to allow me to work quickly and effectively. Whilst I thrive in fast paced environments, I also enjoy working with larger crews in studio scenarios.

Equipment available to rent:

  • Mercedes Vito 6 seater crew van

  • EasyRig Vario 5

  • SmallHD 502

My work has been shown at the following festivals:

BFI Future Film (UK), Kendal Mountain Festival (UK), Age Does Not Matter Exhibition (UK), London Short Film Festival (UK), Cellu L'Art (Germany), Mountainfilm Graz (Czech Republic), Kalamazoo Bicycle Festival (USA), International Kite Surfing Film Festival (USA), Endorphin Awards (Worldwide)